Hazim Oil

Hazim Oil is a privately owned company providing rental equipment, service and solutions to the energy industry. From humble beginnings with 1 branch and 7 employees, Hazim Oil has quickly grown to become the largest privately owned supplier of surface rentals in Kurdistan. With over 200 employees throughout the Kurdistan, Hazim Oil focuses on providing excellence in equipment, service and safety. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment within the Petroleum industry, local management and a dedicated workforce, has made Hazim Oil the supplier and employer of choice in the industry.

Hazim Oil is founded in mid 90's as "Hazim Office" for distributing and delivering oil products. Hazim Oil has been involved in major Oil trading activities throughout Iraq for many years.and has earned the confidence and respect of governmental departments and multinational organizations through achieving exceptional high standards of service. Therefore it holds the rights to distribute oil within Duhok and Kurdistan Provinces under the agreement of Kurdistan regional Government. In addition, Hazim Oil also has its Gas Station in Shekhan – Duhok.

Since 1997 until 2003 delivering oil from Beji and Kirkuk to Duhok Province. In the same period the office has undertaken many Oil and Gas Services with both Government and Non-government Organizations and Private consumers. From 2005 until now, the Office is still standing in presetting its best efforts in distributing & delivering Oil in Duhok Province.


Provide our customers with a broad range of oil and gas products, equipment supported by full service facilities and qualified technicians. Through teamwork, safety, integrity and unparalleled service, we will provide value to our customers and be the supplier and employer of choice in the industry.


Serve our Customers, Reward our People, Return to our Shareholders.

Value Proposition

At Hazim Oil, we invite you to Experience the Service. We believe that actions speak louder than words. We are confident that once our customers and employees experience our unique culture of excellence, they will be impressed with the results.