Hazim Oil Services

Hazim Oil Service is fundamentally oil and gas company established for the specific purpose of undertaking upstream and downstream operations in Kurdistan,Iraq, Hazim Oil is derived from group of engineers that are highly qualified & experienced in the oil fields internationally and locally for many years. Hazim Oil's aim is to supply the Kurdish / Iraqi oil sector with the necessary skills firsthand knowledge and technologies to dramatically boost hydrocarbon production volumes through contract drilling operations, services contracts or concessions.

We have expanded our operation throughout Iraq for the Upstream and downstream requirements of the oil fields with a host of drilling supplies, steam systems & steam components, High and Low Pressure Valves for Process and Hydraulic Systems, Pneumatic & Electric Actuators for Valve Automation, Automatic Valves, Flap Valves, Cast Iron, Coplastic & Construction Penstocks, Ductile Irons, HDPE, A/C, GRP, Steel Pipes, fittings, Water Pumps, Couplings for Hydraulics and Instrumentation Equipment. We have made many successful agency agreements in a short time with our technical staff experienced in heavy industry, Water & Waste Water Projects.

The oil sector commonly involves lots of necessary feeding activities which enable the oil owners to enhance the path for recovering oil and gas resources. For this reason, Hazim Oil Service Company established new product line sections to assist in presenting modern services in order to be at the heart of the process chain and to become as an active a partner within the operating campaign, and media of services as our clients require.

Throughout these new product lines Hazim Oil Service Company will introduce the effectiveness, and the modern standars and required techniques for upgrading current units and interest of our future clients with the highest safety standards, regulations and certification.